Gmini Co. was founded in 2008 by a group of experienced multimedia experts. The 21st century demands advanced IT & digital technology continuously with the rapid development of scientific technology. GMINI Co. is young and energetic leading company in the line of digital device for home & personal use which are closely related to IT era. Our major objective is to provide a full range of high quality, unique featured products and services to our customers. And for sure we work to make our products more cost-effective and competitive. We have a strong R&D team who has been working on this field and accumulated affluent technical experience for last ten years bringing the unique design and creative spirit into our products with outstanding global view and strict quality control to fit our customer's requirements and market needs.
15 years experience

Our workers pass systematic training and the quality of personnel is very high. They strictly control the production process on every stage. Each product pass 100% inspection of function and appearance after assembling.

Our management team members with professional brains and more than 15 years experience on multimedia and digital device market.

We all work together to make you feel more comfortable in IT era with a help of our products.

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